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Seating Plan

Seating Plan

26 September 2023

We have 505 seats at the Regent. We have 152 in the circle and 353 in the stalls (4 access spaces over two bays).


The stalls can be access step free via either Fire Door found either side of Row A. These entrances are at street level. Access via this method must be coordinated with the Front of House Team.
To enter the auditorium via the Foyer there is two flights of stairs. For which there is stair lift on each. Guest using these lifts must be seated while the lifts are in operation.
Once on the second level access to the stalls are step free. The main auditorium is slightly sloped to enable this. The access bays are located at the rear of the Auditorium in Row U. 


The circle is located up two flights of stairs is NOT step free accessible.
Access to the circle is via two more flights of stairs and then is raked with steps down once at circle level. Seats AA1-4 and 17-20 are restricted leg room due to the curve of the balcony. Anyone over 5 foot 11 could find these seats uncomfortable. Although they do provide a fantastic view. The leg room decreases as the seats reach either wall.
Any concerns about your booking or how you can access the building call us on 01202 499199 or email